We Launched Our Blog From Hospital Rooms (There Is No Perfect Time)


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L: “Sorry, we were at urgent care. One has croup and the other has the stomach bug.”

B: “I’m not going to be able to make that one, mom’s in the hospital again.”

T: “Count me out for the meeting… being induced on Wednesday.”

Hey there Providence — we are Tracy, Lindsey and Brooke, the founders of Providence Moms Blog, and we’ve been busy over the last two months getting ready to launch this site for you. And each one of us did pieces of it from a hospital room.

We share this with you because it represents the gritty reality that is life as a mom. On one hand, you could argue that it was crazy for us to take this on right now, that it would’ve been more ideal to wait for the ‘right’ time to begin such an endeavor. Perhaps it would have made sense to wait for a time when things were calm, when we had plenty of free time and emotional energy. But of course, had we done that, this blog would never have come to fruition.

We’ve all heard people say there is no perfect time to have a baby, no perfect time to add a second or third child to your family, to change jobs, to move… you get the picture. But in launching this blog; from hospital rooms, from under nursing babies, tantruming toddlers, and family obligations, with work tucked in the crevices between sick children and piles of laundry, we would argue that actually, now IS the perfect time.

Stick with us here. 

You see, in founding this blog and starting it together, we have already seen emerge a mini version of the village we hope to create. Interspersed among the texts about finding writers and fighting with technology, are texts about finding lost backpacks and fighting with children and husbands. We talk business, but we also talk about our struggles and successes as moms. We vent to each other, encourage each other, celebrate each other. Yes, working on getting this blog up and running has added a bit more work to our already active lives, but it has also solidified old friendships and forged new ones. It has deepened the sense of community we feel in our lives, and that is of vital importance.

Our goal with Providence Mom Blog is to build this same type of community for you; the sort of community of support and sharing that we have already begun to cultivate amongst ourselves. Why, you might ask? Because moms can’t do this alone. In this age of social media where we often connect with people on a surface level, it is too easy to believe that everybody else has it all together. Spoiler alert: they don’t. We intend, with your help and support, to create a space where we can see the truth and vulnerability of motherhood, a space where we celebrate victories and failures, successes and struggles. A place where we can be real together. 

We’re so excited to have you on this journey with us. 


Lindsey, Brooke & Tracy — your Providence moms

perfect time Providence Moms Blog