All of These Years Later, I Still Really Like You


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Dear Husband, I love you, more than I can ever say.  Twenty-one plus years into our relationship, and 13+ years into our marriage I can safely say that there is no one who knows me as well as you.  And the converse is true.  My love for you is endless and unconditional.

I could go on about how much I love you.  But what I really want to tell you right now is how much I like you.

You see, I think it’s so easy for couples to get out of the habit of genuinely liking each other.  They may still be in love, but have forgotten how to like one another and lose the ability to just have fun as a couple. With the pressures of life in this modern age: parenting, working, and generally keeping up on the responsibilities of life, I have witnessed many couples seemingly lose sight of enjoying each other’s company.

Don’t get me wrong, some days you drive me insane.  Some nights when you are snoring as loud as a tractor trailer you’re not at the top of my list.  When you take forever to empty the trash, it drives me absolutely batty.  And like any other couple, we definitely don’t always agree on things.

But. We’re not perfect, you’re not perfect, I’m not perfect.

After all that, gosh I really, really still like you.  A LOT.  I like spending time with you and cracking corny jokes.  I like kissing you and cuddling with you.  I like going out to try new restaurants and activities (ax-throwing anyone?).  I like talking with you about anything and everything.  I like laughing with you about the memories we’ve accumulated in over two decades together.  I like exchanging brief but sweet texts during the workday that show we are thinking about each other even when we’re drowning in “to do’s.” Heck, I eve
n like sitting next to you on the couch in silence because we are so exhausted neither of us can muster up a conversation.

At the heart of it all, is that we’ve made a (sub)conscious effort to make time for each other, even if it’s just eating dinner alone after the kids have gone to bed, or the occasion we get to make a trip to Target by ourselves.

So, I want to thank you, for not only continuing to love me all these years, but continuing to like me in all the same ways.  I’m glad we have each other to keep loving – and liking – through all of the twists and turns of life.

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Robin is a working mother of two very precious, but very precocious sons ages 10 and 6. A lifelong Rhode Islander, she lives in the Providence area with her husband of 14+ years and boys. She is a Bryant University graduate (back in the day when it used to be called Bryant College) where she also received an MBA. In between refereeing her boys' impromptu wrestling matches, carting them between school and practice and handling occasional work issues outside business hours, Robin enjoys cooking/baking (but not the mess they create), 80s music, checking out family friendly events/destinations (pre-COVID that is), visiting new breweries and wineries with her hubby, buying new makeup and taking WAY too many photos (YOLO). She also considers herself an aficionado of naps. Robin believes that it is possible to find both motherhood and a career simultaneously rewarding, with the right support system....and an Amazon Prime account.