If Parents Went to Summer Camp


As a dual working parent household, summer camp is a necessity to keep our kids busy throughout summer vacation.  While it’s not always easy on the wallet, I am consistently amazed at the rich and incredible experiences my kids have at camp.  From creating art projects to swimming to engaging in science experiments and interacting with nature, there seems to be an endless stream of learning and fun for campers like my kids.

I have to say though, all of this fun has left me feeling some camp envy.  I mean, why can’t grown ups go to summer camp too?  Why do kids have all the fun and the parents don’t?  I could go for some fun and “enrichment” too.  If anyone wants to take this on as a business venture, I have some camp theme ideas for us grown-up folks:

women drinking wine Providence Moms BlogMaking Mom (and Dad) Friends Camp:  Moms of all ages, backgrounds, and interests, get together and “speed date” at this camp.  It’s hard to find Mom friends sometimes.  This would be a great opportunity for Moms to spend some time getting to know one another. The second half of the camp would be activities with your new mom group – crafts, book clubs, wine tastings, “field trips” to fun local places (that you don’t get to go to because your kids keep you too busy) or just sharing some grown-up conversation over a cup of joe.  There are also opportunities to get together with the larger group of moms too.  I know Moms groups exist all over the place and are a great way to meet up and get to know other moms.  But imagine a whole week dedicated to meeting other moms with shared interests?  


woman drinking beer Providence Moms Blog

Brew Camp / Wine Making Camp:  A perfect experience for the connoisseur of beer and/or wine, or perfect for someone who just enjoys a refreshing beverage!  This camp would teach grown-ups the process of making our own brews and vino.  Taste testing and food pairings would also be part of the camp, obviously.  You can go to this camp solo or sign up for the couples option.  The fun-filled camp weekends with an epic grape stomping competition.    





woman sitting outside under umbrella Providence Moms Blog

Alone Time Camp:  Geared toward busy parents of talkative and generally noisy children, this camp involves participants spending time alone.  Options include a posh hotel-like room with balcony view or a private spot on the beach for those who really want to dig their toes in the sand.  Each camper’s area is private and no other participant is within an 80-foot radius of you.  Sit, snack, drink, enjoy the sounds of the ocean waves, drink your coffee hot and catch up on your reading.  Solo bathroom facilities are available for your uninterrupted use.  Given the private beach area, this camp is pricey, but the ability to sit quietly with your own thoughts and sneak in a nap: priceless.


massage sign outside Providence Moms Blog


Massage Camp for Couples:  Learn how to give your partner great at-home massages.  This is a couples-themed camp because sometimes you just need to be able to return the favor.  Traditional massage,  hot stone massage, and foot massage techniques are all included in your learning experience. This camp also focuses on methods of managing the stress of life and raising children.  Another great feature?  One-on-one time with your partner and a chance to reconnect.  But, yeah….massages (clearly this idea of mine is a bit self-serving).

clothing on hangers Providence Moms Blog


Fashion Camp for Parents on a Budget:  Look, many parents are just winging it when it comes to our wardrobes.  I mean, I totally own “Mom jeans.”  I bet many of you reading this probably have them too.  And if you’re like me, yoga pants are acceptable for many occasions.  Dads, we know you have too many logo t-shirts. (Side note: your partner is probably secretly getting rid of some when you’re not looking). There’s nothing wrong with comfort.  This camp wouldn’t focus on being fashion plates. But, it might be nice to learn how to dress in what’s “in” without breaking the bank.  I can’t be the only one that feels like our kids are better dressed than my husband and I are.

So there you have it – my short list of the best grown-up camp ideas. What camp would you want to go to?  What other grown-up camp ideas do you have?


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Robin is a working mother of two very precious, but very precocious sons ages 10 and 6. A lifelong Rhode Islander, she lives in the Providence area with her husband of 14+ years and boys. She is a Bryant University graduate (back in the day when it used to be called Bryant College) where she also received an MBA. In between refereeing her boys' impromptu wrestling matches, carting them between school and practice and handling occasional work issues outside business hours, Robin enjoys cooking/baking (but not the mess they create), 80s music, checking out family friendly events/destinations (pre-COVID that is), visiting new breweries and wineries with her hubby, buying new makeup and taking WAY too many photos (YOLO). She also considers herself an aficionado of naps. Robin believes that it is possible to find both motherhood and a career simultaneously rewarding, with the right support system....and an Amazon Prime account.